Exposure & Tournament TIER

Our program is committed to ensure parents are well informed and understands the details involved with participation in club basketball. Below is information that enables parents to find out more about the Rise as One program. We take great pride in continuing parent education in the AAU process. Rise as One is committed to ensuring your child’s experience in Club Basketball is both positive and rewarding.

nationial exposure

Our first-tier level is for our most committed athletes and parents because they require more time and travel then our lower tiers. This is because our first-tier tournaments involve playing on a national level against some of the best teams and players in the nation. This experience is extremely valuable and it allows players to gain experience competing on a high level of play. Here, they will be able to develop their skills and improve their game-time decision making. Not only will players gain valuable basketball experience, they will learn dedication, hard work, and commitment due to the amount of travel. Ultimately, our first-tier tournaments prepare athletes for the next level because these characteristics are needed in order to succeed. The amount of time and commitment allows players to bond and form lasting relationships with their teammates and coaches.
Since these tournaments involve the highest level of competition, they allow for the greatest amount of college exposure. If a tournament is prestigious and reputable, more college coaches will be in attendance.

Regional Exposure

Our tier two is comprised of a combination of both regional and college exposure tournaments; this allows teams to play at competitive level without committing as much as the first-tier. Athletes in this tier are still able to travel the country and compete against the best players. However, it will not be as frequent. By competing in college exposure tournaments, players still have the opportunity for improvement by playing better opponents. Playing at this higher level ultimately boosts an individual and team’s level of play. Therefore, this tier is very beneficial for our players and teams. In this tier, athletes are still able to gain exposure and they will have the opportunity to play in front of college coaches. Both players and parents who cannot commit 100% benefit from the second-tier because of the increased number of regional tournaments. Regional tournaments allow parents to save time and money while their children still benefit.

Local Tournaments

Our third tier consist of tournaments and competition on a local level. Why travel across the country when there is great competition in our own back yard! New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas are very competitive and there are tough opponents that challenge our teams. Furthermore, these tournaments are a great prerequisite for players who want to advance in our organization. They provide opportunities for both players and teams to improve and develop. Quite often, local competition allows teams to win and succeed rather than constantly losing at larger tournaments. Local play allows for development and increased confidence, thus increasing an individual or team’s level of play. Tier three also benefits those who do not have the time, money, and means to travel to larger tournaments. While local tournaments aren’t as notable as national tournaments, they still provide the chance for exposure from local and community colleges.

league play

There is also league play opportunities for teams who are not ready to begin tournament action. These leagues are beneficial for players who are not skilled enough to compete on a high level. It may seem as though playing the best competition is good, however, playing equal competitors allows for a better chance for individual and team improvement. League play is beneficial because players can focus more on their fundamentals and skills. Furthermore, teams can concentrate more on their plays, defense, and continuity as a team. Lastly, athletes will be able to learn the game better because it will be slower and less intense than a large tournament game would be. League play is less commitment than our higher tiers but athletes are still able to learn discipline, hard work, and teamwork. Individuals will also learn how to compete and win, which is extremely important in order to succeed.

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