In 2016 The House of Sports will be offering the Rise as One Annual Development Program. It is an incentive based program for boys and girls who stay loyal to RA1. It is a “teach first” program that values the instruction process as much as the results. The teachings in the program create a highly disciplined environment that focus on strategy, purpose, teamwork and real time on the basketball court. As the program is making a commitment to your child, we ask in return, parents make a commitment to us.

The results that have been achieved in the spring are great accomplishments, however we must have a yearlong commitment to allow your child a true chance to compete at a national level. With a commitment to us it would provide the opportunity to excel in a disciplined program focused on skill development, team building, and a chance to compete against some of the top players nationally. This separates our program from all other AAU programs in the area because your child’s skills will be utilized year round allowing them to excel in middle school, high school, and other teams.


Kevin Houston – Director of RA1

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