Who We Are

Rise as One Basketball Club is one of the most prominent and successful AAU clubs in Northern New Jersey. We take pride in developing great basketball players from ages 8-19. We specialize in this development by improving a player’s skills and basketball IQ through professional coaching. We believe teaching court awareness of basketball is important and we do so through our core program curriculum. Furthermore, Rise as One develops players through different levels of competition. Our local and regional schedule allows players to compete on their level. We believe that playing against strong competition allows players to improve and gives more opportunities for players who want college exposure. Not only do we develop players on the court, Rise as One develops players off the court by teaching good sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work. Each player is extremely important to our organization and we strive to create a team environment for all.


Rise as One Basketball has an elite coaching staff that brings experience playing both collegiately and professionally. This experience makes them competent and knowledgeable about how to play the game. Furthermore, our coaches are passionate about basketball and their enthusiasm creates a great team environment for our players. Not only will our coaches improve a player’s skills, they will also increase their basketball IQ. Learning the game of basketball from the neck up is extremely important and sometimes underrated. Therefore, Rise as One offers an advantage by utilizing experienced coaches who are paid professionals. Whether a player is in fourth or twelve grades, they will learn how to execute fundamental skills but most important why and when to execute them through our core program curriculum.


Rise as One creates a team culture that is unlike any other AAU club. When you are a part of Rise as One, you are a part of a family. Rise as One encourages teamwork and sportsmanship in every team in our organization. Each player is treated with the same respect, no matter how long they have been with us. We have built our whole organization around using team concepts. No one is bigger than the team. Where other organization struggle with the ups and downs of being on a basketball team. We do not because of the strong foundation we have built with players, parents and coaches. This ultimately gives each player an equal opportunity to play and gain exposure.


The Rise as One development system comes form the director of basketball for Rise as One Kevin Houston. Kevin has extensive experience with developing the youth. He has had the privilege of playing basketball at every level of competition. Kevin has been coached by some of the top coaches in the United States and Europe. His program curriculum has produced amazing results in five years with the 14U girls and 12U boys winning New Jersey AAU State Championships with the 15U girls finishing runner-up. All coaches follow the same program curriculum to give the players the best chance to perform year to year. The system is no different than a player playing for a division one college. Players get better from year to year if they are in one system instead of switching strategy from coach to coach, which is what most AAU clubs offer. We also separate ourselves by being certified by USA Youth Basketball and Jr NBA.


Practice is truly what makes players great. Unlike most AAU clubs, we offer players two and a half hours of practice two to three times a week. Our practices give players the opportunity to work on their skills and add elements to their game. It allows players to learn aspects of the game in a way they cannot do on their own. Our coaches recognize the importance of practice and they utilize the time to make sure all players improve.  We believe in a core program curriculum that is taught at each level and age. Therefore, players can have one uniform approach to reach their maximum potential each year they play with Rise as One.


We know that your success on the court is only a part of your training. That’s why Rise as One has worked to build a truly inclusive culture, which involves forging bonds between the players, coaches, and parents. We believe values such as hard work, knowledge, attitude, perseverance, teamwork, coachability, and dealing with success and failure are reinforced most effectively when applied consistently. We have amazing committed parents that are immensely proud of the environment that they continue to create. When you have parents that understand that playing time is earned and not given it makes it easier for an organization to coach players that respects the core values of the program.


Rise as One offers the opportunity for exposure that many AAU clubs cannot offer. Our high level of competition allows players a better chance to be exposed to colleges. Rise as One aids in this process by giving parents and players a recruiting guide. This guide offers a step by step outline of the recruiting process and what to do. It also explains the rules of the NCAA for Division I, II, and III. Rise as One has a College Night which aims to answer any questions parents might have about college recruitment and what to do. The NCAA process can be tricky and sometimes stressful; Rise as One acknowledges this and we wish to help players and parents navigate through this difficult process.

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