Our coaches believe in four words loyalty, persistence, teamwork, and greatness.
Those are the components in developing a team. Rise as One coaches has an unparalleled advantage of years of knowledge and experience working with aspiring basketball players. We provide young athletes with the basketball IQ they need to maximize their potential. We prepare each player to compete on a higher level through strong competition, consistent feedback from our coaches, increased exposure, dedicated training regimens and commitment to the team.


NFHS is a national coaching course offered to coaches at the interscholastic level. Attaining this certification demonstrates the coach’s completion of a series of NFHS courses that will enhance their ability as a coach to better serve the player and organization,.
PCA is an online program developed and designed by experts to help coaches nourishing players emotion during completion The certification improves a coach’s ability to coordinate and drive youth sports experience.

This is a process for all coaches who participate in an NCAA-certified event. Coaches will have to complete strict NCAA-requirements of a background check and educational coaches course.
The program focuses on educating coaches while ensuring the safety of those with whom the coach may come in contact. The goal is to develop an inclusive basketball community of credible, qualified and dedicated coaches and administrators who serve in the youth basketball community in the United States. All coaches are required to have a gold license





what makes us Different


All of our coaches complete a stringent certification process before joining the Rise as One staff, which includes USA Basketball license, NCAA BBCS certification, NFHS Coaching level 1 certification, and Positive Coaching Alliance certificate. Properly trained. coaches ensure that your son/daughter will be coached with the latest techniques, strategies and safety guidelines.

Former players

Our Staff comprises of former college and professional basketball players. They have real-world, on court experience from a players’ perspective.  This gives our players a real competitive edge; there is a fine line between good and great, and it is often experience.


We pride ourselves on providing the very best parent and player experience. We just don’t make generic claims, we put them into action by ensuring our coaches are qualified to help develop players the right way.   Our coaches provide film sessions, progress reports, and extra practices if needed to ensure teams are prepared to give their best on game day


Our staff doesn’t just coach, they motivate. Being part of a team sport is an exciting and difficult time, as players go through the process of becoming a team. All players want to be inspired; it allows them to push themselves, and to improve. You can have a great coach but if he fails to motivate his players they will not live up to their potential. Rise as One coaches have the perfect balance of technical teaching and the human element of motivating players.


AD is a teacher first and a student of the game. Impacting lives by being able to relate to the modern player through his on court experience.


Lee Van Horn is the constant professional. Lee has won at every level of the program. Has a very unique style that players love to play for him.


Kyle is an excellent communicator with his players. Always know as a gym rat uses this same mentality to get all of his players to improve.


Vic believes in teaching today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders the fundamentals that will help them become successful in life and basketball  


Joe has the ability to take a player from good to great. He concentrates on improving players IQ by making every player think out the game.  


Kevin attention to detail is second to none. Always challenging his players to fulfill there potiential through hard work and dedication.  

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